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Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

Another election is past with abortion barely mentioned. We hear more of slavery and racism. It is claimed that 60 million infants have lost their lives before they could be born. Many of them were black infants. Yet we hear no charges of racism leveled at Democrats.

Here is a question Democrats might ponder. How many of those black infants would have voted for Mrs. Clinton if they had not been killed before they could be born? Would Mrs. Clinton be president today? The last time I checked my Bible, it was wrong to kill an innocent person. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are gifts from God and also forbit it.

Now it is necessary to bring in people from other countries to make up for the potential Democrat voters who were killed before they could be born. Can a political party that kills its voters before they can be born have a future? The illegal immigration crisis could either give or take away the future of the Democrat party.

We need to ask God about this.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Burney,


Dublin Citizen

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