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Mrs. Dykowski... didn’t know

Mrs. Dykowski ...

Did you know there are a lot of terms we’re not allowed to use in advertising?

Have you ever noticed that when that big NFL championship rolls around you don’t see the term “Superbowl” in newspaper ads? Not even when advertising a super huge bowl of nachos.

In our college football promotion that ran last week, we were advised not to use the phrase March Madness.

In fact, we were advised that a small newspaper was sued for even using the phrase in a billing statement.

I haven’t been able to verify that, but if it is true, I can’t imagine how many lawyers they must have with plenty of extra time on their hands.

A quick search informed me that they are steadily working on adding more and more terms to their copyright.

Where will the madness end?

I’m in favor of intellectual property rights, but at what point are we just complicating life for no good reason?

I guess I’m just not sure what difference it makes in the grand sceme of things if I call it a college hoops tournament or March Madness.

If you happen to have the capacity to understand such things, please, send me an email explaining it to me.

In my search results, I found headlines about all kinds of insane lawsuits from all different walks of life that made me doubt my faith in humanity.

Do you ever wish you could go live on a desert island?

I wonder if I could copyright “desert island.” I could probably sue people often enough to buy my own desert island.

Maybe that’s not exactly an honest living.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep walking the tight rope of avoiding the words I’d like to use to keep those idle lawyers, well, idle.

Meanwhile, to ensure I’m well cared for in my golden years, I think I’ll encourage the girls to go to law school.

Apparently there is a lot of work available in that field.

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at composing@dublincitizen .com.

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