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Turning 29 and... 7/8?

From The Editor ...

Sunday marked my 36th year aboard this rotating blue marble called Earth.

One friend and I joked about the old custom of holding birthdays at 29 and determined I couldn’t claim 29 1/2, but I could probably get away with 29 7/8.

With all the life changes I’ve had in the past few months, I had expressed a desire to just have a low-key birthday.

I got to experience this with some good food, good flicks and, most of all, great friends and family.

My parents took me and a friend to the metroplex on Saturday for seafood and a visit to a Movie Trading Company where I bought a bunch of obscure movies on Blu-Ray. (The most expensive movie was ironically the cheapest to produce. It looked surprisingly good for its cost and age until a boat wrecked in the movie. Then it looked like an old Playstation game.)

I spent Sunday with some close friends who took me out for Mexican food before we spent the day watching a movie marathon, complete with popcorn and movie snacks. (It’s safe to say that I’m a movie geek.)

As I reflected on the weekend, I was blown away by the same thing that has made all the difficult times in the past year bearable: the support I’ve received from my family, friends and community.

I can not count the number of people who have said they were praying for me or offered to talk whenever I needed someone to listen. It’s hard not feel blessed when so many find the time to remind you that they care.

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